Spring Time is Right Around the Corner – Are Your Gutters Ready for Spring Showers?

As we head into the Christmas season, it might be difficult to feel like spring is right around the corner, but it is. And although we don’t get much snow, or hopefully ice, the spring comes with showers. And in the South, those showers can be pretty water-filled. Your gutters, although not thought much about, are there to protect the foundation of your home from soil erosion and pooling. But if it has been a while since you have cleaned them, they might not be capable of doing what they are supposed to. These are the five most critical reasons to make sure your gutters are spring-ready by hiring a gutter cleaning service in Charleston, SC – NOW!

If Caked With Debris They Won’t Flow Correctly

If you don’t clean out your gutters, they won’t work properly to keep water away from your home. When your gutters have built-up debris and dirt, it can limit their flow. And if they aren’t flowing correctly, not only will water not be guided away from your home, the water will likely spill over the top of the gutters themselves. That can create erosion below, and lead to things like cracks in the foundation or water in your basement. The small cost of hiring a gutter cleaning service is well worth it for the long-term.

Damage to Your Gutters

If you don’t clean your gutters and they become heavy with built-up dirt, then they can start to fail and tear away from your house. That can create little cracks in the gutters that will not only stop them from flowing, it will probably require a gutter repair. Gutters are only made to handle a certain amount of weight, and when they become too heavy, the damage can be very costly to replace or to repair.

Pest Control Issues

Where there is dirt and debris build-up, there are conditions for pests to grow and prosper. And if you get an infestation in your gutters, there is a good likelihood that those pests will make their way indoors. Along the way, they will also get behind things like soffits and fascia, and sometimes even siding, where they can do a whole lot of damage. The best way to take care of pests is to eliminate those situations where they flourish. Cleaning your gutters eliminates the potential for insects and rodents to find a place to settle in and get comfortable.

Although we are just getting used to the idea of winter and the holidays, spring is right around the corner. And if you wait too long to hire someone to clean your gutters, you could end up costing yourself a whole lot. At Pepper Power Washing company, we work year-round to keep the exterior of your home looking awesome. And we also help to maintain things so that they don’t get away from you and cost a whole lot more. Contact our gutter cleaning service in Charleston, SC today to discuss how we can clean your gutters and help to make your home shine for the springtime.