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Pressure Washing During a Drought: Is It a Good Idea?

As we head fast into summer, things are starting to heat up. When the spring showers give way to extreme heat, evaporation speeds up;

As we head fast into summer, things are starting to heat up. When the spring showers give way to extreme heat, evaporation speeds up; if there isn’t enough rain, it can lead to drought conditions. When there isn’t enough water to go around, the last thing most people are thinking about is pressure washing – but for some, waiting it out isn’t possible. So what are some ways to prepare for a drought, and what do you do if you simply can’t wait until the rain falls again? These are tips we shared with RedFin’s national audience!

Can You Pressure Wash During a Drought?

During drought conditions, many municipalities and governing agencies will restrict or limit the amount of water that you can use, so pressure washing might be a no-no. For the average homeowner, that is probably not an issue. Although your home might be dusty and not look so great, it isn’t critical for you to have your home pressure washed during a drought. For business owners, however, even during drought conditions, not cleaning up sidewalks, entryways, and parking lots can pose a hazard.

How to Combat Drought Conditions With Pressure Washing

The best way to combat drought conditions with pressure washing is to be proactive. No, there is no way to foresee a drought, but it also doesn’t happen overnight. Pressure washing is a valuable tool to keep your home or office looking great; it is also an important part of a good maintenance plan. Scheduling regular pressure washing appointments is the best way to ensure you aren’t stuck waiting in the midst of a drought. Also, if a drought does occur, make your appointment first so that you won’t be left sitting and waiting. The early bird catches the pressure washing appointment worm, so be first in line by calling and scheduling ahead of time!

What About Businesses that Need Pressure Washing?

For some businesses and industries, waiting for pressure washing is not an option because of its impact on the safety of consumers and employees. Allowing oil and grime to accumulate can make conditions slick for everyone, so finding a pressure washing company that can work within limitations and understands the environmental concerns and ways to address and overcome limitations is critical for everyone’s safety.

Should You Hire A Pressure Washing Company During a Drought?

Anyone with common sense would tell you that, no, hiring a pressure washing company mid-drought is probably not a good idea or even feasible. It is a good idea, however, to take stock of how important pressure washing is. Once the drought has passed, you will want to find someone who can remove the excess dirt and grime that can be kicked up in dry conditions. Pressure washing post-drought will be harder than normal due to dirt and dust sticking to surfaces.

As the summer heats up, pressure washing is a great idea to enhance your curb appeal for very little cost, but if drought conditions arise, you might have to shelve it for a while. During a drought, however, is a great time to remember how important regular pressure washing is and to find a company like Peppers Pressure Washing that can handle any situation with expertise, professionalism, and concern for the environment. We are leaders in the industry and we’ll go above and beyond to get the best results no matter what the conditions are! Contact Peppers Pressure Washing in Charleston to schedule your appointment today!