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Winter Pressure Washing? Yep! 4 Reasons It’s a Perfect Idea

As we head into the cold weather months, many of the home maintenance must-dos may not seem like…

As we head into the cold weather months, many of the home maintenance must-dos may not seem like musts. Landscaping might take a back seat in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things that you can do to help keep your house maintained throughout the winter. Many homeowners would be shocked to know that we think that the cold weather months are an ideal time for pressure washing. Our Seabrook pressure washing company works throughout the year for good reason, and here are just some of them.

Gutters Are Critical Come Spring

Gutters are a critical part of keeping your foundation safe and reducing the risk of flooding, and nowhere is it more so than in the spring. If you haven’t gotten around to cleaning out your gutters, now is the perfect time. If you don’t address the gutters, spring showers will be here before you know it – which can lead to pooling water, broken and cracked gutters from weight, and destruction of the landscaping surrounding your home. Why wait until after the New Year when you can take care of it today?

Fighting for an Appointment

Humans are creatures of habit, which means we all have collective ideas about when things are necessary. When the weather starts to heat up and we spend more time outdoors, we begin to see things that we haven’t taken care of, like a dirty exterior. If you wait until the warm weather hits like everyone else, you might be stuck waiting a long time. When it comes to scheduling your pressure washing appointment, it is a first-come, first-served situation.

Guests are Coming Soon

Thank goodness we are finally going from social distancing back to socializing, which means we can once again gather with friends and family. But as we start to entertain, most of us are slowly discovering that there are some things that we might have let slide, like our home’s curb appeal. If you want your curb to be more welcoming, pressure washing before the holidays is not only a good idea – it is a must.

Get a Jump on the New Year

Many homeowners will resolve during the New Year to be proactive about things like home maintenance. Why not be one of the few who get the ball rolling early and have one less to-do on your home maintenance checklist? It is always nice not to start the New Year with a long list of things you have to do!

As we head into the holiday season, now is an excellent time to consider pressure washing your home. Most homeowners think that winters are off-limits for pressure washing, but our Seabrook pressure washing company not only thinks it is okay; we think it is the ideal time to get a jump on the New Year and be proactive to start 2023 off right. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!